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Larry One Realty "The more miles we put into our business and personal lives, the
better prepared we are in accomplishing our goals. I am proud of
my Resume, which is my track record."

Larry Kramer has had years of experience in dealing with all phases of leasing space, investments, land, and consulting.

Each tenant has their own unique needs and Larry is a good listener, than he takes his tenants needs and packaging them together for success.

First of all, Larry thinks as a businessman having owned a company with three stores and a number of salesmen from Hawaii, Massachusetts and California.

He then couples his business and college BS degree in marketing from the University of Indiana and couples his extensive years in the field of real estate. This sets himself apart from the majority of Commercial Real Estate agents

Here are a couple examples: When representing a tenant, he remains involved throughout the entire length of the lease. This means if there are disagreements with the landlord, he will battle, at no charge, with the landlord as a representative of the tenant. In a nice way, he is the bad guy and not the tenant.

If the tenant wants to work on upgrading their marketing or expanding, he will assist with brainstorming, putting together a new website and business plan, etc.

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Invest In Exciting Phoenix, AZ

I lived in the Los Angeles area for years and watched it expand. Freeways were built, building of homes and commercial properties were on the rise, the apple orchards and other agricultural land was disappearing…. From New York to Canada, you have heard what it is like to live in the Los Angeles area…. traffic, no land, but lots of buildings and the cost of living in the area is just crazy….. what is that song about “building another parking lot”.

My wife and I loved Phoenix and we saw it’s future. We moved here from Los Angeles in 2002 and until recently, I was a co-owner of a Commercial Real Estate Company in Los Angeles. Through the years, I split my time between Phoenix and Los Angeles, but I saw  the energy of the Phoenix area, with all the available land and potential growth. Presently, Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the United States. The Maricopa County land mass is relatively similar in size to Los Angeles. .

I am not trying to downgrade Los Angeles, but using Los Angeles, as an example, because I want you to visualize the future of the Phoenix area.

This is an area that you should consider for investments, expanding your business or starting a new operation.
“Here are just a few of growth areas:

High Technology and Aerospace for manufacturing

Financial Services

Tourism: From the United States and Canada there are 10 Million tourist that visit the Phoenix area on a yearly basis.

Health and Medicine Services


The leader in the mining of copper in the United States

On the home page, please click on the van for more info on the growth of the Phoenix area.

Major Manufacturing Employers:

Just a few…. Boeing Co., Honeywell, Raytheon Missile Systems, Apple.

Why Arizona:

Ideal location,  skilled labor,  favorable regulatory environment,  a variety of homes and condos at very reasonable prices.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you…