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Larry One Realty "The more miles we put into our business and personal lives, the
better prepared we are in accomplishing our goals. I am proud of
my Resume, which is my track record."

Larry Kramer has had years of experience in dealing with all phases of leasing space, investments, land, and consulting.

Each tenant has their own unique needs and Larry is a good listener, than he takes his tenants needs and packaging them together for success.

First of all, Larry thinks as a businessman having owned a company with three stores and a number of salesmen from Hawaii, Massachusetts and California.

He then couples his business and college BS degree in marketing from the University of Indiana and couples his extensive years in the field of real estate. This sets himself apart from the majority of Commercial Real Estate agents

Here are a couple examples: When representing a tenant, he remains involved throughout the entire length of the lease. This means if there are disagreements with the landlord, he will battle, at no charge, with the landlord as a representative of the tenant. In a nice way, he is the bad guy and not the tenant.

If the tenant wants to work on upgrading their marketing or expanding, he will assist with brainstorming, putting together a new website and business plan, etc.

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Landlord Representation


My job is to spend as much time with the landlord, as is required, to obtain a true value of the property in question.

For example, if the seller has a shopping center, we would take a look at each and every lease and determine if this is a worthwhile lease with rents increasing in a timely manner. Are the tenants paying on time? Does the tenant add to the energy of the shopping center, in other words, do they bring traffic to the center? Is the tenant recognized nationally or is it a local business? How many stores do they have in the general area?

The basis for the above, also relates to office and warehouse investments, as well..

Land is a different story…. one must visualize what the highest and best use applies to the space…is it on the path of growth, what is the hold time, etc? Many years ago, I showed an investment group some desert land that was west of the freeway. I said that the hold period would be 5+ years of so… In this case, there were very few roads to get to the west side of the freeway where I felt that growth was going to continue, which was along the path of this land, well, the area added a substantial food and drug shopping center, apartments and office buildings, etc……The prices were a lot less than today, but my group bought the land for $75,000 and sold it for $500,000.

Once the value is established, it is time to put into writing an inviting story and then, I strongly believe in MAXIMUM EXPOSURE…..let’s beat on the drums and get the word out to as many commercial agents, as is possible, along with going to the ultimate buyers.

Once an offer comes in, I along with the seller will review the offer. I cannot give legal advice, but from my experience I will go over the entire contract in detail and make suggestion for the seller to than review with his or her attorney.. Hopefully, I will be able to save my seller some of the legal fees and give protection to the seller.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you.  (623) 606-7007