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Larry One Realty "The more miles we put into our business and personal lives, the
better prepared we are in accomplishing our goals. I am proud of
my Resume, which is my track record."

Larry Kramer has had years of experience in dealing with all phases of leasing space, investments, land, and consulting.

Each tenant has their own unique needs and Larry is a good listener, than he takes his tenants needs and packaging them together for success.

First of all, Larry thinks as a businessman having owned a company with three stores and a number of salesmen from Hawaii, Massachusetts and California.

He then couples his business and college BS degree in marketing from the University of Indiana and couples his extensive years in the field of real estate. This sets himself apart from the majority of Commercial Real Estate agents

Here are a couple examples: When representing a tenant, he remains involved throughout the entire length of the lease. This means if there are disagreements with the landlord, he will battle, at no charge, with the landlord as a representative of the tenant. In a nice way, he is the bad guy and not the tenant.

If the tenant wants to work on upgrading their marketing or expanding, he will assist with brainstorming, putting together a new website and business plan, etc.

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Sampling of Transactions Completed in Phoenix


  • Tolleson, AZ – 5+ acres. Represented the buyer in purchasing the land and then sold the property to a party that built a small shopping center and a storage facility…
  • Goodyear, AZ – Warehouse – 7,000 feet. Represented the buyer in purchasing the building.
  • Tolleson, AZ – 9 acres. Represented the owner in buyer the land. Sold 3 acres to the City of Tolleson for their fire department.
  • Tempe, AZ – Automotive Center – 20,000 feet.. Represented the buyer in purchasing the automotive center and leased out space to tenants.
  • Goodyear, AZ – 30 acres. Represented the buyer in purchasing the land.
  • Peoria, AZ – 100+ acres. Represented the owners in selling the land which was a mining operation
  • Goodyear, AZ – Leased 5,000 feet. Represented a furniture company in leasing space.

I have been involved in hundreds of leases and sales of all types of properties located in malls, shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses and land. In addition, I have worked on all phases of initiating the concept, designing and building out homes, condo and restaurants.

One of my favorite areas of development is restaurants. Below, I have included some photos to show some of the steps that are necessary to complete the task.

As a former Vice President of a development company, I felt comfortable in putting together ice cream shops featuring Dreyer’s Ice Cream. I participated in nearly every step. Here are few of the priorities.


1. Coming up with the name that would nicely tie-in and tell the story.
2. Establishing the concept for the sign and then working with the sign company’s options.
3. Working on the architectural design of the space.
4. Bringing in a general contractor and participating in the construction and flow of the build out of the stores.

From the Real Estate side of the equation:
1. Working up a P&L Statement covering each and every potential expense and projected sales for a three year period.
2. Making sure that the tenants had ample funds. Studying the tenants previous business experience and management skills.
3. Establishing a marketing package to be presented to the landlord. Making sure that the tenant would be proactive and use the social medias and other marketing tools that were available. Basically attempt to gain Maximum Exposure.


PICT0454 (1)


This “food court” was located in a major outdoor Mall. The challenge was to get the shopper’s attention, as this was a very small space. One of the steps was to have wall paper made of ice cream cones the length of the wall behind the Forever Cool Dessert sign. We were obviously marketing the Dreyer’s name. I believe that the colors worked well together and the drop lights gave the space a quality look. From the practical point, we carried a large assortment of flavors, with the extra inventory in freezers located in the storage area.



This “ice cream shop'”was located in a shopping center, directly across the street from a mall.The major challenge was how to deal with this long wall. I wanted this shop to have an inviting image, but to really stand out. We worked with Dreyer’s Ice Cream, who had several brochures that could look really sharp on the walls. (see the Chip Mint marketing piece on the counter).

I had the printer make up wall paper from several different Dreyer’s brochures and I place each of wallpapers strategically along the wall. As you can see, the wallpaper is going from ceiling to the floor. Usually, when adults or children came into the shop, they immediately looked at wallpaper designs before checking out the different ice cream flavors.

On the opposite wall, at the front of the shop is another great marketing piece.



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Our “Forever Cool sign” went through a substantial number of changes and reviews…I wanted our sign to tell a story that was easily recognizable…

If it was in a Food and Drug anchored center, the Market may have restrictions on promoting products that they carry in their markets, in that case, we could not put any emphasis on Dreyer’s. We had to make sure that the shopping centers and the City codes would allow our signs to be an acceptable color scheme, as well as the size of the sign.


Architectural Design
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This was afood court design” and before finishing, we needed the Mall owner to agree with our design and color scheme, plus a million other details.